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Design Work

Attractive & effective designs to help boost conversions.

Bold imagery. Bold text. Bold beef flavor. Those were the elements we wanted to utilize for Ayoba's beef snacks.


We used outdoor vibes to appeal to the adventurer character avatar thoughout with the end goal of clicking to purchase their mouthwatering snacks.

Funnel Ayoba.jpg

We wanted to focus on the benefits of becoming a Mentor. What are the current issues? How does mentoring help? 

We then wanted to showcase what others had to say about being a mentor. This builds trust and social proof. But it also helps solidify the fact that one can truly make a difference in the world by becoming a mentor.


We wanted to incorporate both vivid imagery of cars and people attending the events to help entice enthusiasts to purchase tickets to upcoming events.

We focused on learning the audience's behaviors to best lay out a design that is appealing to the eye while showcasing the event in a fun manner.

Funnel Mentor.jpg
Funnel SF.jpg
BBDP Logo.png

The objective of this funnel was to showcase how this company's product offering solved pet problems. Using effective copywriting, we acknowledged the issue, expanded on the problem, then presented their solution.

We also incorporated product reviews and testimonials for social proof to envoke trust before adding a Call to Action in order to purchase the product.

Funnel BBDP.jpg
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