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Case Studies

We love helping achieve Real Results.

E-Commerce Pet Products


The owner of Best Buddy Dog Products was so impressed with the results that we brought to their dog training business, that he wanted us to work on his second business. At the time, he was making anywhere between 4-10 sales per day. While that isn't necessarily a bad thing, he knew there was more potential. He was already running Facebook Ads, but having not-so-good results.


The issue was that he was barely breaking even and sometimes losing money. He had used many "other" services and agencies who couldn't get the results he was hoping for. His hopes were running low, and was near a breaking point.


With a hyper-competitive market, we had to think of various angles, ad campaign strategies, and retargeting methods that would bring in new customers at a very slim threshold (under $8 per conversion).

  • Analysis of previous campaigns for optimization opportunities

  • Proper set up of campaigns for conversion

  • Usage of hyper-targeting and Lookalike Audiences

  • Effective retargeting ads (dynamic and individual)

  • Provided conversion hack advice to increase average order value

  • Doing what we do best, helping!

BBDP Month Shopify_Watermarked.jpg
Orders a day
Per month

With our help, they are now on track to making over $300,000 per month and looking to make over $2 million a year. However, we are looking to scale and surpass much higher numbers than that. Take a look at what Jeff has to say:

E-Commerce Automotive Business


A business that provides automotive parts and accessories needed help with getting more customers with more of their products. The owner simply didn't have the time and expertise to do it all himself.


By utilizing a wide variety of creatives with new copywriting to help brand positioning, we were able to bring higher quality traffic and sales at a low cost and high ROAS.


We were able to effectively bring in over $200,000 in sales from investing $11,000 in ads over a course of a month. We're continuing to work with them to keep this momentum going!

Burnz Case Study 2.jpg
Burnz Auto 11k to 211k.png
Burnz Case Study 1.jpg

Event Business


This business needed help with driving more ticket sales to their various events throughout the country. We saw a huge opportunity for them as retargeting was kept to a minimum.


Using our prospecting and retargeting system, we provided enough touch points to drive traffic and generate sales. Our ads were made to "speak" to the audience we wanted to reach to connect and have them take action.


Across multiple events, we were able to surpass goals in ticket sales, which resulted in more attendees. But most importantly, this allowed for their vision to provide a truly unique experience for their attendees a reality.

Retargeting 3.6k to 55k 15 ROAS -- USED.
Retargeting 2k to 22k.png
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