Powerhouse Creatives is an agency that was created to help businesses like yours leverage digital advertising to get more leads, traffic, and sales. Our extensive knowledge has transpired into creating innovative ad strategies that provide our clients with outstanding performance, loyalty, and brand identity.

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We Convert Your Web Traffic into Sales
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We Get You More Sales. It's Our Specialty.

We Get You More Sales. It's Our Specialty.

We are experts who help businesses get more leads and sales using our own unique and proprietary advertising system. Our specialized approach benefits businesses to convert customers for less cost than traditional angles. Simply put, we help you get more sales while you focus on other aspects of your business. Let us do the heavy lifting for ads.



Great for businesses whose customers often search for various providers within their area. Examples include service-based industries (i.e. Roofing, contractors, law firms, etc.).


Perfect for businesses to create awareness, sell products or services, and provide a more visual approach with images and/or video.

Powerful targeting options provide a way for our clients to laser target their ideal customer to put their ad in front of.

Paid Advertising that Works

Our proven advertising system consistently brings in leads, phone calls, and sales to businesses like yours, over and over again. We've done this many times and we've done it very well.
Work with seasoned professionals that have produced excellent results and developed a proprietary system that will put your business ahead of the curve.

Our Latest Win

The Problem
The owner of Best Buddy Dog Products was so impressed with the results that we brought to their dog training business, that he wanted us to work on his second business. At the time, he was making anywhere between 4-10 sales per day. While that isn't necessarily a bad thing, he knew there was more potential. He was already running Facebook Ads, but having not-so-good results.
The issue was that he was barely breaking even and sometimes losing money. He had used many "other" services and agencies who couldn't get the results he was hoping for. His hopes were running low, and was near a breaking point.
The Challenge
With a hyper-competitive market, we had to think of various angles, ad campaign strategies, and retargeting methods that would bring in new customers at a very slim threshold (under $8 per conversion).
How we did it
The Results
Orders a day
Per month
  • Analysis of previous campaigns for optimization opportunities
  • Proper set up of campaigns for conversion
  • Usage of hyper-targeting and Lookalike Audiences
  • Effective retargeting ads (dynamic and individual)
  • Provided conversion hack advice to increase average order value
  • Doing what we do best, helping!
With our help, they are now on track to making over $300,000 per month and looking to make over $2 million a year. However, we are looking to scale and surpass much higher numbers than that. Take a look at what Jeff has to say:

Brands That Trust Us

We Create Your Ads the Right Way

We'll bring out all the bells and whistles to create stunning and effective ads to help stand out from the competition, while boosting performance to generate more leads and sales.

We Listen to You and Your Needs

We're problem solvers. In order to properly diagnose a problem and propose the right solution, it is imperative to truly take the time to listen and understand your needs. This may sound obvious but a lot of companies fail to do this, which often results in sub-par results.
We take the time to learn about your business, how you operate, what has and hasn't worked, and properly do our research in order to truly provide a customized and tailored approach to get your highest and biggest return on investment.
Sound fair?

Easy, Done For You Approach


Paid advertising can significantly boost your traffic. In turn, this creates more opportunities in increasing your sales numbers to put more money in your pockets.


All businesses are different. We communicate with each client on their individual needs and goals to come up with the best approach.


We pride ourselves in providing our clients with personal attention. We understand you've put your all into building your business. We treat it like our own!


You may have the best service or product in the market, but without putting it in front of the right people, it doesn't matter! We'll get the right attention to drive the best high quality traffic.


Keyword and audience research is part of the foundation of an effective ad campaign. Therefore, we spend the extra time to properly research your industry and business to give you the highest chances of success.


Advertising is simply not a "Set it and forget it" ordeal. We continuously monitor, analyze, and tweak your campaigns to get the best performance at the lowest cost, saving you money.

Don't Just Take Our Word for it

WHAT our clients SAY

"Daniel did an incredible job understanding our goals and communicating his strategy and recommending opportunities we did not think about. I highly recommend him and hope to do more work with him in the near future."

— Lakshmi J., Business Owner

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